Member Referral Program!

by breichert on July 16, 2012

Want some free time on your membership? 

Refer a new member and earn some free time onto your membership.  The potential is unlimited!

Program Details

All members (students and seniors as well as regular members) who refer a New Member will receive free membership time added to their memberships.  The time earned will depend on the membership of the new member who signs up.

New Regular Member – 3 Month term or longer, gain a free month onto your membership

New Student/Senior Member

  • Pays one month – gain a free week onto your membership
  • Pays three month up front -gain a free month onto your membership

There is no limit to how many free months you can earn.  If you continually refer new members you may continually gain free time onto your membership. (Excludes Prime & Silver Sneaker members)