Fitness Equipment

image of weights

A wide variety of fitness equipment is offered at the Mukwonago Athletic Club.

Free weight equipment is comprised of benches, squat racks, smith machines, tower systems, plate loaded machines and rubber coated plates and dumbbells.

Strength training machines are set up for ease of use. All machines are fully adjustable to fit each user and operate on a selected path movement which allows for simplicity for the beginner or advanced lifter.

Mix up your weight lifting and strength training with cardio on treadmills, stair climbers, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, rowers and elliptical machines. Our ample selection of cardio equipment will help you diversify your workout, without waiting. 🙂

Broadcast Vision entertainment is available on many machines enabling you to watch your favorite programs while you work out.

Also available in our stretching areas are Bosu balls, mats, foam rollers and medicine balls.