by wendy on September 8, 2010

Look great, feel good, and get a great tan. In addition to our three Tan America beds, Mukwonago Athletic Club now offers a Sundome stand-up tanning bed that guarantees a rich, dark tan in only 10 minutes per session. Our tanning bulbs are consistently changed every 800 hours to ensure you get the best tan possible. Australian Gold tanning products are available to help enhance and extend your tan.

Member and Non-member tanning packages are available.



  • Single Tan – $5 +tax
  • 10 Pack or Tans – $40 +tax
  • 30 Day Unlimited Tanning – $24.95 +tax


  • Single Tan – $7 +tax
  • 10 Pack or Tans – $45 +tax
  • 30 Day Unlimited Tanning – $27.95 +tax

Warning Notice

The Mukwonago Athletic Club wishes to remind you that tanning does pose certain risks as noted below.

These guidelines were obtained from the “Artificial tanning sunbeds: risk and guidance” provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) website. Please read it and adhere to it. We want you to be safe!

  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation such as from a sunbed contributes to the skin aging process and may cause skin cancer.
  • People with skin that does not tan in natural sunlight should not use a sunbed.
  • Intentional exposure to sunlight or sunbed should be avoided for 48 hours after sunbed exposure.
  • UV radiation protective goggles must be worn at all times while undergoing sunbed exposure.
  • No person under the age of 18 should use a sunbed.